Low Emission Development Plan - Kabupaten Banyumas

(only available in Bahasa Indonesia)

This LED document is a process of translating national-level policy to the regional level where the process of climate-based mitigation action based on land-use change and agriculture-livestock activities has been implemented to reduce future CO2 emissions in synergy with development policies at Banyumas. This document expected to become a reference in planning process on Banyumas in the future.

This document discusses in detail the proposed mitigation action on the land-based sector which consists of (1) activities that lead to land use changes and (2) farming activities. Based on the results of identification of emission sources and referring to the National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gases (RAN GRK) and Provincial Action Plans (RAD GRK) of Central Java Province, Four proposed land-based mitigation action in Banyumas Regency, with potential to reduce cumulative emissions 2015- 2030 amounted to 82,101 tons of CO2eq. This mitigation action is expected to be the guidance of government elements to develop programs that can be measured and verified.