One More Step Central Java will Finalize RAD-GRK 2010 – 2030 Review

10 August 2017

Semarang – The review process of the National Action Plan for GHG emission reduction or RAD-GRK Central Java has been started since 2016. It has began with a review of the 2010-2016 RAD-GRK document. This review aims to sharpen and re-align RAD-GRK documents with the conditions and future development plans of Central Java. "This year, Central Java is targeting to complete the RAD-GRK review document and submit it to the Governor as Governor Regulation or Pergub," said Siti Ismaillyaningsih, Bappeda of Central Java in the Workshop on RAD-GRK Review of Central Java Province 2010-2030 in Surakarta on 13- July 14, 2017.

The workshop supported by GELAMAI aims to identify district / city mitigation action plans in Central Java that contributing to the RAD-GRK Review of Central Java Province 2010-2030 and to develop an online monitoring, evaluation and reporting (PEP) system from implementation of mitigation actions District / city to Central Java Province. The workshop included resource persons, among others, Mr. Atjeng Kadaryana, who represented Bappenas, Dr. Suyanto from ICRAF-GELAMAI, Ibu Siti Ismaillyaningsih, Bappeda of Central Java and Yohanes Ariyanto representing the Secretariat of RAN GRK BAPPENAS (SEKRAN).

The workshop was attended by 125 people, consisting of 59 men and 66 women. They came from various regencies / municipal agencies in Central Java, including BAPPEDA 35 districts / cities, environmental agencies 35 districts / municipalities, agriculture and plantation offices 29 districts, and 16 districts / cities. While from the provincial level there were participants from Bappeda, Health Office, Public Works Office, Environment and Forestry Office, Transportation Office, Office of Agriculture and Plantation.

Mr. Atjeng Kadaryana explained that the Presidential Regulation in lieu of Presidential Regulation no. 61/2011 is in process. Presidential Regulation no. 61/2011 is on the National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction (RAN-GRK) to achieve the Green Indonesia target in 2030. In this updated regulation the RAD-GRK process will be more comprehensive and involving all stakeholders. As for PEP online, the reporting status of PEP RAD GRK 2010-2016 Central Java is complete in all sectors.  According to the plan, PEP Online will be launched in late August or early September 2017 by SEKRAN - BAPPENAS. Meanwhile, Mr. Suyanto from ICRAF-GELAMAI conveyed that, GELAMAI through the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) and GIZ facilitate the development of low-emission or green economy development strategies in Central Java and East Kalimantan that are part of RAD-GRK for land-based sectors.

There are many results in this workshop among others are the information on progress of the RAD-GRK Central Java review and the development of the RAN GRK, the compilation of mitigation action plans for all sectors of the districts / cities to be added to the provincial action plan, the establishment of the PEP mechanism from the kabupaten / kota to Province level with the collection of each sector in the district / city by Bappeda which then sends it to Bappeda Central Java Province. Other results include the introduction of preliminary information on PEP Online developed by SEKRAN which will be launched in August 2017. RAD-GRK Jateng is targeted to be completed in September 2017 and subsequently submitted to Governor's Regulation while waiting for national progress