Development of Banyumas Information System to Support Green Economic Development

10 August 2017

Banyumas – Local governments need the support of data and information that is valid and current in order to formulate development strategies in accordance with their resources. This data and information will also determine the accuracy and precision of decision-making by the local government over the problems occurring in its territory.

The data and information management strategy to support green economic development can be done through the development of information systems for sustainable land resource development, where the development of this system is focused on four main components, namely data and metadata, systems and infrastructure, human resources, and regulatory and institutional

In regards to this, the Government of Banyumas District in collaboration with GELAMAI established Information Management System related to green economy (simda-green economy) using Information System for Sustainable Land Development (INSTANT) framework in Banyumas. 

The development process has been through a series of activities that began with a discussion with the Banyumas Head of District (Bupati) in early March 2017, and the initial installation of data management applications that can be accessed at, and continued with capacity building for users and system administrators on 17-19 May 2017.

On July 26, 2017 a follow-up discussion on the management of low emission development data using the INSTANT framework was conducted at Bappedalitbang Office. This activity was attended by 20 people consisting of 16 men and 4 women from institutions such as Bappedalitbang, Environment Agency, Agriculture Department, Public Works Office, Housing and Settlement Service, and Communication and Information Office.

The objectives of this activity are among others discussing the development of INSTANT activities and its next activity plan, as well as the process flow (SOP) of INSTANT implementation in Banyumas. The resource persons were Mr. Dedy Nurkhasan, ST, MSi, Head of Infrastructure and Regional Development Bappedalitbang. Banyumas and Mr. Feri Johana and Mr. Harry Aksomo from GELAMAI-ICRAF.

In this occasion Mr S. Dedy Nurkhasan reminded, "INSTANT application is needed by Banyumas, because so far we do not have database system especially spatial database." Meanwhile, Feri Johana said that SOP of INSTANT database management is attached to local government mechanism. Therefore the management system can sustain although GELAMAI completes this year.

Therefore Ir. Eko Prijanto, MT as Head of Bappdalitbang Kab. Banyumas in a separate discussion said that the INSTANT management mechanism needs to be made through the Bupati's Decree and Bappedalitbang will oversee the process.

The results of this activity include the identification of technical and non-technical issues related to the updating of INSTANT database, the agreement of the follow up of INSTANT database management plan in Banyumas, namely: (i) SOP development through Bupati Decree and integration of INSTANT database management to Communication and Information Office  (ii) Updating the database together in accordance with SKPD that has been appointed as well as evaluating the INSTANT system (iii) INSTANT launching that is planned in October or December at the exhibition of  Banyumas development results

INSTANT database progress can be found at