Banjarnegara Completes Low-Emission Development Strategy

11 August 2017

Banjarnegara –  Banjarnegara District has succeeded in preparing the strategy document for the implementation of land use plan to support low emission development. The green economy working group (POKJA) consisting of SKPD in charge of land-based sectors has succeeded in preparing the Reference Emission Level (REL) which becomes the emission baseline to be derived through mitigation action. So far through 9 land-use mitigation actions and 6 actions from the agriculture and livestock sectors, the Banjarnegara Green Economy Working Group has proposed a 6.67% emission reduction target from BAU (Business As Usual) up to 2030.

In order to include all stakeholders in the development (inclusive), then the proposed low-emission development strategy that has been drawn up by the POKJA should get input and advice from the wider public. Public consultation through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) became one of the media used to engage the public more broadly. In the end, the proposed low-emission development strategy can be a guide for Banjarnegara Regency to realize green economic development.

Public Consultation on Low Development Strategy for Land Based Sector Emission of Banjarnegara District was held on July 28, 2017 at Sasana Bhakti Praja Room, Banjarnegara. The objectives of this activity include the dissemination of low-emission development information and land-based sector mitigation strategy of Banjarneagara and agreed on mitigation strategy and implementation of action plan of land-based sector of Banjarnegara.

The resource persons for this Public Consultation were Mr. H. Syamsudin, S. Pd, M. Pd, Vice Bupati of Banjarnegara, Mr. Firman Sapta Adhi, S. Pt., Banjarnegara green economy Pokja and Mr. Burhanuddin Zein, ICRAF GELAMAI.

A total of 60 people consisting of 22 men and 18 women attended this event. They were from SKPD who are members of Banjarnegara POKJA Green Economy, Head of Sub-districts of Banjarnegara, Community Organizations in agriculture, forestry and environment and private sector (Indonesia Power, Jateng Bank).

On this occasion the Vice Bupati of Banjarnegara, Mr. H. Syamsudin said, "The prepared land sector mitigation action plan is in line with the development mission of Banjarnegara which leads to conservation and agriculture. It is just now how SKPD implements the plan with the community. "

Meanwhile, Mr. Firman Sapta Adhy as the Banjarnegara green economy working group conveyed, "During the two years of assistance by GELAMAI finally POKJA is able to produce 9 action plan of land use sector and 6 action plan of agriculture sector. Mr Burhanuddin Zein, GELAMAI ICRAF added the importance of implementation strategy of this low emission development action plan to be integrated in Banjarnegara RPJMD that is now being compiled.

The results of this activity include the delivery of low-emission development strategies developed by POKJA green economy Kab. Banjarnegara in GELAMAI program and the agreed integration of action plan into RPJMD 2017-2022 Banjarnegara which is in the process of preparation.